Borough Hall main switchboard 609-522-4845
Police – Non-Emergency 609-522-2396
Mayor Christopher J. Fox –Public Works 609-522-4845
Comm. Scott W. Golden –Public Safety 609-522-4845
Comm. Cornelius J. Maxwell | Revenue/Finance 609-522-4845
Municipal Clerk Donna L. Frederick, RMC, CMR, CPWM 609-522-4845
Adminstrator Christopher Ridings 609-522-4845
Department of Public Safety EMERGENCY 9-1-1
Police Department NON-EMERGENCY ONLY 609-522-2396

Chief of Police Jackie Ferentz.

Sergeant James Dodd

Officer  Dylan Hannum

Officer Brian Gibson

Officer Brandan Turner

Officer Alexander Pruszinski

Department of Public Works 609-729-6295
Judson Moore Certified Public Works Mgr
Francis Pellegrino Personnel
William Null Supervisor
John Stroman Personnel
Municipal Court          609-522-2444

Hon. Andrew J. Cafiero, Judge


Public Defender
Court Administrator
Deputy Court Admin.

Borough Offices


Donna Frederick

Registered Municipal Clerk

Donna Frederick


Elaine Crowley

Chief Financial Officer/ Alt. Registrar
Neil Young Deputy CFO

Marcus H. Karavan

William G. Blaney, Esq. Labor Counsel
Carl O’Hala Deputy Clerk
Louise Pellegrino Alt. Reg. & Admin. Asst.
Ruth Sweeney Deputy Tax Collector & Deputy Registrar
Terrence Graff  Tax Collector
Joseph M. Gallagher Tax Assessor
Christopher Ridings Emergency Management Coordinator
Tom Miceli Deputy OEM Coordinator
Rick Allen Construction Official       609-522-2444
Marc DeBlasio Remington Vernick & Walberg | Engineer
Bowman and Company Auditor
McManimon, Scotland & Bauman LLC Bond Counsel
Judson Moore

School Board Sec and School Business admin

Dorothy Tomlin Assistant To The School Board Administrator
Leon Woodruff Fire Chief
Brian Vergantino Code Enforcement
Lew Ostrander Zoning Official
Daniel Speigel Fire Official,  Merchantile License Inspector, and Assistant Construction Official