Borough of West Wildwood regulates the need to obtain a mercantile license under Borough Ordinance No. 453. That Ordinance defines conducting a business or commercial activity within the Borough of West Wildwood as follows:

A. Selling, consigning or renting any goods or services, including the providing or offering for possession or occupancy of dwellings, rooms, units, sleeping accommodations and/or boatslips.

B. Soliciting business or offering any goods or services for sale, rent or lease.

C. Using any vehicle or premises within the Borough of West Wildwood for the purposes described above in A and B.

As a reminder, the renewal of all mercantile licenses must occur on or before April 30th. The fee is regulated by ordinance along with an additional late penalty for licenses obtained after the April 30th deadline. The penalties for a violation of the Borough Ordinance can be substantial and result in a fine of up to $500.00 and or up to 90 days in the County Jail.

This application must be completed and included with your payment to the Borough. The application is available on our website for your convenience. The Borough website is

A fire inspection is required for all rental properties and must be completed prior to

a mercantile license being issued. The inspection can be scheduled through the Fire Safety Bureau by calling 609-522-4845. The fees range from $35.00 for a condo to $50.00 for a single family.

We appreciate your continuing cooperation. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at 609-522-4845.

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