The success of any police agency is dependent upon the level of trust and confidence the citizens of the community have in the organization’s ability to meet their needs and solve their problems. As part of our strong commitment to the community we serve, the West Wildwood Police Department welcomes input from the community, especially on the topic of officer conduct.  As stated in the New Jersey Attorney General’s Internal Affairs Policy & Procedures (IAPP), the goal of Internal Affairs is “to enhance the integrity of the State’s law enforcement agencies, improve the delivery of police services, and assure the people of New Jersey that complaints of police misconduct are properly addressed.”  The Department actively works to maintain integrity, trust, and confidence of the community while providing service in an effective, efficient, and impartial manner.

In accordance with the reporting requirements specified in the New Jersey Attorney General Guideline, Internal Affairs Policy and Procedures, the following information is being made available to the public concerning complaints received by the West Wildwood Police Department Office of Professional Standards.  Complaints can be received from various sources, including anonymous complaints, citizen complaints, and complaints from within the law enforcement agency.  In the event an allegation involves a criminal act, the matter is referred to the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office for investigation and review.  Complaints of non-criminal actions by our officers are investigated internally.

At the conclusion of an Internal Affairs investigation, there are four possible dispositions.  The dispositions include Exonerated, Sustained, Not Sustained, and Unfounded.  The definitions of those possible dispositions are as follows:

Exonerated: The alleged incident did occur, but the actions of the officer were justified, legal and proper.

Sustained: The investigation disclosed sufficient evidence to prove the allegation and the actions of the officer violated a provision of the agency’s rules and regulations or procedures.

Not Sustained: The investigation failed to disclose sufficient evidence to clearly prove or disprove the allegation.

Unfounded: The alleged incident did not occur.

Complaints may also be Administratively Closed.  As per the Attorney General Guideline Internal Affairs Policy and Procedures, “In some cases, the complaint or investigation is closed prior to reaching a disposition. These should be counted as “Administratively Closed.” Examples include situations when a complainant voluntarily requests that a complaint be withdrawn, or the subject officer terminates his or her employment prior to disposition of the complaint.”

If you wish to file a complaint against an officer of the West Wildwood Police Department, complaint forms are available at Police Headquarters or available for downloading in a wide variety of languages.

The complaint can be submitted in several different ways:

In person:        Please visit our Headquarters at 701 W. Glenwood Avenue, West Wildwood, NJ 08260

By Phone:       Please call the Internal Affairs Unit at (609) 522-4060 x321

On nights, weekends, and other times when the office is closed, you can call (609) 522-2396 and ask a communications officer to speak to with an on-duty Police Officer

By Mail:
Complaints can be mailed to:

West Wildwood Police Department
Professional Standards Unit
701 W. Glenwood Avenue
West Wildwood, NJ 08260

By E-Mail: 

As part of our strong ties with the community, input from the public is greatly appreciated and we appreciate you bringing your concerns to our attention.