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The Borough Clerk and Tax Office is officially open to the public.

You must wear a mask and due to the size of our public area, only one (1) person is allowed to be inside in order to conduct business safely.
Thank you for your cooperation and understanding on this matter.


Topic: Commission Meeting
Date/Time: Nov. 4, 2020 – 5:00pm Eastern Time

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PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that on October 29, 2020, beginning at l 0:00 a.m., the Honorable John C. Porto, J.S.C. will conduct a “Fairness Hearing” in In the Matter of the Application of the Borough of West Wildwood, in the County of Cape May bearing Docket No. CPM-L-130-19 (“the Action”) at the Atlantic County Courthouse located at 1201 Bacharach Boulevard , Atlantic City, NJ 08401. Through this judicial proceeding the Cou11 will evaluate whether the proposed Settlement Agreement is fair and reasonable to the region ‘s low- and moderate-income households according to the principles set forth in Morris County Fair Housing Council v. Boonton Tp ., 197 N.J.Super. 359 (Law Div.1984), affd o.b., 209 NJ.Super. 108 (App. Div. 1986) and East/West Venture v. Bor. of Fort Lee, 286 N.J.Super. 311 (App. Div. 1996).

Please note that if the courthouse is still closed at that time due to COVID-19 , the hearing may take place via video conference. Information about courtroom closings are available at, and if the court is still closed at that point, any interested party should contact the office of Nancy L. Holm , Esq. of Surenian , Edwards & Nolan, LLC at 732-612-3100 at least 48 hours in advance of the hearing to dete1mine how they can participate.

Fair Share Housing Center (“FSHC”) , a public interest organization representing the housing rights of New Jersey’s low and moderate-income households, an interested party in connection with the above-referenced lawsuit, has sought to enhance opportunities for low and moderate income housing within the Borough of West Wildwood. The Borough of West Wildwood and FSHC have resolved various substantive issues concerning West Wildwood ‘s affordable housing “fair share” and the means by which the Borough intends to satisfy those obligations, subject to all required public hearings. The terms of the settlement have been memorialized in the formal Settlement Agreement referenced above.

The terms of the settlement include , but are not limited to, the following:

  1. West Wildwood ‘s “Rehabilitation ” obligation is 3.
  2. West Wildwood ‘s “Prior Round” obligation is 33.
  3. West Wildwood ‘s allocation of the “Round 3” (1999-2025) regional need is 39.

Satisfaction of the Rehabilitation Obligation: The Borough has a 3-unit rehabilitation obligation, and it will either join the Wildwood Regional Affordable Homeowner Repair Program, administered by Triad Associates, and/or hire a separate entity to rehabilitate units in the Borough to address the Borough’s rehabilitation obligation in a way that allows for rehabilitation of both rental and for-sale units.

Satisfaction of the Prior Round and Round 3 Obligation: Due to a lack of vacant , developable land, the Borough of West Wildwood ‘s new construction obligation has been adjusted downward. The parties agree that the Borough has a Realistic Development Potential (RDP) of zero (0) units, in accordance with the Vacant Land Analysis attached to the Settlement Agreement as Exhibit A.

For the purposes of settlement , the Borough agrees to address the 72-unit remaining portion , also known as its “unmet need ,” of its allocation of the Prior Round and Round 3 regional need through the following mechanisms:

a) Overlay Zone – Commercial Zone: The Borough shall adopt and implement an overlay zone over certain lots in its existing Commercial Zone with the ordinance form subject to approval by FSHC. The overlay zone will consist of the following:

• Density of 12 family units per acre;

• Apartments above commercial with 15% affordable housing set-aside for rentals or 20% affordable housing set-aside for for-sale units; and

• The lots would be on Glenwood A venue between A venues E and J and are delineated further in the Settlement Agreement.

b) Overlay Zone – Marine Commercial Zone: The Borough sha ll adopt and implement an overlay zone over certain lots in its existing Marine Commercial Zone and subject to approval by FSHC. The overlay zone will permit the following:

• A density of 12 family units per acre with a 20% affo rdable housing set-aside for for-sale units, or a 15% set -aside for rental units. • The lots would be those bounded by West, East, North, and Center Drives, known as Blocks 152 through 162.

• Vacation of paper streets adjoining these lots in connection with a request by a prospective developer of lots in this overlay zone in order to make such development feasible. c) Mandatory Set Aside Ordinance: The Borough shall adopt an ordinance in the remaining zoning districts requiring the following:

• Mandatory affordable housing set-aside for all new residential or mixed-use developments producing five (5) or more residential units to provide for a 20% affordable housing set-aside for for-sale units, or a 15% set-aside for rental units.

d) Development Fee Ordinance: The Borough sha ll adopt a Development Fee Ordinance and shall comply with the Spending Plan provisions. The Borough shall initially set its Residential Development Fee at 1 % of the equalized assessed value.

The Borough has presented to the Court and placed on file with the Borough Clerk the Settlement Agreement for public inspection and copying during regular business hours at the Office of the Borough Clerk, Borough of West Wildwood, 701 West Glenwood Avenue, West Wildwood, NJ 08260 beginning on September 14, 2020. Due to the current COYID – 19 pandemic, copies of the Settlement Agreement can be requested via email from the Borough Clerk or the Borough ‘s Mount Laurel attorney, both listed below. The Settlement Agreement will also be published on the Borough’s website, located here: https://westwi .

Any interested party, including any low- or moderate-income person residing in the housing region, any organization representing the interests of low- and moderate-income persons, any owner of property in the Borough of West Wildwood, or any organization representing the interests of owners of property in the Borough of West Wildwood may file comments on, or objections to, the proposed Settlement Agreement. The Borough requests that all objections provide: 1) A clear and complete statement as to each aspect of the municipality’s Settlement Agreement contested by the objector; 2) An explanation of the basis for each objection; 3) Copies of all such expert reports , studies, or other data relied upon by the objector. Such comments or objections, together with copies of any supporting affidavits or other documents, must be filed in writing, on or before October 19, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. with the Honorable John C. Porto , J.S.C, at Atlantic County Courthouse located at 1201 Bacharach Boulevard, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 , with copies of all papers being forwarded by mail or e-mail to:

Nancy L. Holm, Esq.
Jeffrey R. Surenian and Associates, LLC
707 Union Avenue, Suite 301
Brielle, NJ 08730

Donna Frederick, Clerk
Borough of West Wildwood
701 West Glenwood Avenue
West Wildwood, NJ 08260

Bassam Gergi, Esq.
Fair Share Housing Center
510 Park Boulevard
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

Kendra Lelie, PP, AICP, ALSA
Kyle & McManus Associates
PO Box 236
Hopewell , NJ 08525

This Notice is intended to inform all interested parties of the existence of the proposed Settlement Agreement and the possible consequences of Court approval of the Settlement Agreement, which may ultimately lead to a Judgment of Compliance and Repose or the judicial equivalent of a grant of Substantive Certification pursuant to the New Jersey Fair Housing Act, N.J.S.A. 52:27D -301 to -329. It does not indicate any view by the Court as to the merits of the Borough’s Mount Laurel Declaratory Action, the fairness, reasonableness , or adequacy of the proposed settlement , or whether the Court will approve the Settlement Agreement.



west wildwood

West Wildwood Included in Fund for Water Infrastructure Improvements

Press Release
Aug 6, 2020

MOUNT LAUREL – The Trump administration Aug. 3 announced that the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is investing $462 million to modernize critical drinking water and wastewater infrastructure across rural America.

“Upgrading the infrastructure that delivers safe drinking water and modern wastewater management facilities will improve public health and drive economic development in our small towns and cities,” Deputy Under Secretary for Rural Development Bette Brand stated. “Under the leadership of President Trump and Agriculture Secretary Perdue, USDA continues to be a strong partner with rural communities, because we know that when rural America thrives, all of America thrives.”

According to an Aug. 3 release, State Director Michael Thulen Jr. announced that New Jersey is investing over $8 million through the Water and Waste Disposal Loan and Grant Program. “These vital infrastructure investments are exactly what the Presidential Task Force on Rural Prosperity identified, our Congressional leaders would like to see, and USDA Rural Development wants delivered into our rural areas that can benefit most from these investments. I’m grateful that we have dedicated communities thinking of their future, and our NJ Rural Development federal employees are there to serve their communities.”


USDA is funding 161 projects through the Water and Waste Disposal Loan and Grant Program. These investments will benefit 467,000 residents. The following are examples of projects being funded in New Jersey under today’s announcement.

  • Flemington Borough is receiving a loan of $3,758,000 and a grant of $1,142,000 to install a new elevated water tank, with approximately 300,000 gallons capacity near the existing standpipe. The existing standpipe will be repaired and rehabilitated once the new elevated tank is operational. This project will provide the needed additional water storage capacity and will be completed in compliance with the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Safe Drinking Water Act.
  • Lakehurst is receiving a loan of $960,000 and a grant of $212,200 to replace deteriorated water mains. The project consist of 6,373 linear feet of new 8-inch diameter water main and 1,575 linear feet of 6-inch DIP water main, approximately 120 water services, gate valves, wet taps and associated fittings and appurtenances. This is phase one of a four-phase project.
  • West Wildwood originally received a $30,000 SEARCH Grant from the USDA to complete a feasibility study of the existing sewer system. This study suggested the borough’s complete improvements to the wastewater system. The borough will receive a loan of $983,000 and a grant of $954,200 from the USDA together, with $316,000 in grant funding from the Department of Transportation. This project will replace the deteriorated sanitary sewer system along with improvements to the drainage system on the affected roadways due to existing conditions of localized flooding in these areas. The sewer system on each roadway will be excavated and completely replaced with new pipe, manholes, and service laterals. The current conditions led to sinkholes in the roadway, frequent pipe repairs, and potential contamination of groundwater, which in turn causes potential health hazards affecting residents as well as increasing treatment fees due to stormwater that is conveyed to the treatment plant.

The investments that USDA announced today are being made in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

To learn more about investment resources for rural areas, interested parties should contact their USDA Rural Development state office.

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The health and welfare of our community is paramount. As the summer approaches we expect more people outside enjoying our natural environment. Please keep in mind the importance of social distancing, wearing a facial covering when social distancing is not possible and frequent hand washing. With everyone’s cooperation our community can stay as healthy as possible during this time.

Mayor and Commissioners

October 8, 2019

Attention: Borough of West Wildwood Property Owner

In light of the recent problems with older decks, the Borough of West Wildwood is recommending that every property owner check their exterior deck for damage, excessive wear and other problems. Please be advised that prolonged exposure to severe weather combined with the moisture levels and salt air in the coastal environment can cause serious damage to exterior decks, structural supports and attachments to the main structure. Proper routine maintenance of these exterior decks, porches and balconies should prevent structural problems and possible failures.

Care should be taken to ensure that the supporting structural components are intact and stable as well as the connections to the framing and the main structure. These connections should be tight and mechanical connectors should be free of corrosion. Please note that secure connections to supports and the main structure should prevent separation from the structure and potential failure. Please check all aspects of these exterior structures including, but not limited to: Columns and supports; connections to structural supports and the main structure; beams and girders, joists and ledgers; any existing bolts and/or joist hangers; stairs and handrails; and guardrails for any raised portion of the deck.

In the event that the deck is not stable or shows signs of instability, a review should be obtained from a registered architect or licensed engineer to obtain recommendations for repairs to render the structure safe. The City of Wildwood’s construction office will assist you with properly following procedures regarding an unsafe structure and the application process for obtaining construction permits for repair.
Please keep in mind that it is the responsibility of every property and building owner to ensure that their structure is maintained in a safe condition free of hazards.

Thank you for your cooperation and attention to this important life safety matter.

Rick Allen, Construction Official
City of Wildwood

Please take notice to the following changes to the Cape May County Recycling Program.

Bulky mixed rigid plastics and shredded paper will no longer be accepted as recyclable materials.

Effective October 1, 2019 these items will be placed with regular household trash for pick-up.

Bulky mixed rigid plastics regardless of size and color include plastic laundry baskets, plastic toys and playhouses, plastic lawn furniture, empty plastic trashcans, and plastic coolers. Along with shredded paper, these items must be disposed of as trash.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this very important matter.

Have questions about what material goes where?

CMCMUA Waste Wizard Application

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CMCMUA Waste Wizard Application

showing-gallery-for-friendly-reminder-clip-art-72ku32-clipartTO ALL TAXPAYERS

Please Make Separate Checks with Account Numbers Listed on Payments for, A. Property Taxes, B. Sewer Payments, C. Mercantile Lic., And Fire Inspections.


bags2forwebsiteThe Borough Appreciates and Thanks You for Your Recycling Efforts. However the Cape May County MUA Has Brought an Issue to the Borough’s Attention.




This Causes Operational and Equipment Problems for the County MUA.

Thank You for Your Continued Cooperation.