Recruitment Plan

The West Wildwood Police Department has always been committed to hiring the most qualified and diversified workforce. We are an equal opportunity police department and are proud we have hired officers of different backgrounds, demographics, race, gender, etc. at one time or another. We are a non-civil service municipality so in order to reach a wide range of candidates we have a streamlined approach to hiring of which we try to keep an open application on our Borough Website to continue to attract applicants year-round. This allows us to keep a larger queue of potential candidates to hire when there is a need. As part of the hiring process, applicants must pass an oral interview, psychological examination, background investigation and a physical fitness test administered by a New Jersey Police Training Commission approved academy. Each year, recruitment and hiring statistics, in compliance with the New Jersey Attorney Generals directives, are reported to the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office and the State of New Jersey.


  • Open announcement for applicants on the Borough of West Wildwood Website.
  • Application is available on PoliceApp website to attract a wider range of candidates.
  • Post hiring announcements at area Police Academies.
  • Send job announcements to colleges to attract students looking for career opportunities.
  • Post job announcements to social media outlets.
  • When available utilize any and all platforms to attract a wider range of applicants.
  • We welcome any questions regarding West Wildwood Police law enforcement careers.


Borough’s Diversity breakdown