If you do not have a handicapped placard or handicapped license plates, you must obtain either or prior to approval.

A copy of the following must be provided via mail to the application:

  • Disabled Person Identification Card {Issued by the State of New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission) .
  • Vehicle registration, if applicable.
  • Disabled Person Placard, if applicable

By signing below, I am acknowledging it is my responsibility to notify the West Wildwood Police Department if the space is no longer required for any reason. also understand the space is not designated solely for the applicant and can only be occupied by vehicles displaying the appropriate disabled person designations and re-application may be required periodically by the police department without warning for auditing purposes.

Important Notes:

  • It is the Borough of West Wildwood’s policy not to grant a disabled person parking space to those who possess off-street parking unless they can establish a hardship of why it cannot be utilized by the disabled person.
  • Approval of a disabled person space for those who establish a hardship may be denied when re-application is requested during audit periods due to the hardship no longer existing .
  • For those applicants who do not possess adequate space in front of their residence a letter from the homeowner where the space will be located authorizing the space to be placed there must be attached to this application.
  • The West Wildwood Police Department reserves the right to remove disabled spaces for any reason and may request re-application at any time .
  • When your disabled person placard or registration has expired you are responsible to submit a copy of the renewed placard/registration to the police department .